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Caverna: The Cave Farmers








Publisher's Description

You cultivate the forest in front of your cavern and dig deeper into the mountain throughout the game. By furnishing rooms in your caverns you make space to grow your tribe and and create new goods from your resources. Deeper into the mountain you will find fountains as well as ore and gem mines. It's on you to decide how much ore and gems you want to mine, giving you the opportunity to forge weapons and go on adventures; a new way to do things in the game instead of using actions with your workers. Outside your cavern you can clear the forest, cultivate fields, fence pastures and grow crops or breed animals. All this in order to increase your wealth and become the strongest and best tribe leader of them all! The game includes a solo mode, giving you the opportunity to make yourself familiar with the 48 different room tiles which are available to furnish your caverns.


Lookout Games


Uwe Rosenberg


Javier González Cava, Klemens Franz

In Caverna you are in control of a small household of Dwarves, eking out a meagre living in a cave deep in a lush green forest. The Dwarves

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