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The game sees the players embarking on an adventure, often involving some kind of overland travel or changing of locations. These types of games are often narrative driven, through the use of storybooks, apps or event cards.

City Building

Players seek to build a city, either competitively or cooperatively. Typically these games will focus on buildings which grant powers or bonuses and often place an importance on the location of buildings within the city.

Citadels (2).jpg

Players seek to build an entire civilization. Civilization themed games can also include a focus on Politics, Trade, Technology and Warfare.


The game is set in a fantasy world, typically similar to our own medieval era but with magic and mythical creatures. 


Games that use making or serving food as their theme.

Burger Up.jpg

Games that are spooky, tense or gruesome.

Sub Terra.jpg
Kingdom Building

Players compete to build a kingdom, typically these games focus on building areas of terrain rather than specific buildings. Players will typically score for having areas adjacent to other areas or having the largest or smallest areas.

Carcassonne Mega Meeples.jpg

Games set in the Marvel Comics universe. 

Marvel Legendary.jpg

Games that use playing, watching or managing different types of sporting activities as their theme.

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Star Wars

Games set in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Rebellion.jpg

Games set in an imagined future. Typically Sci-Fi settings feature advanced technology and space travel. 

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