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Shadows of Mirkwood

The Shadows of Mirkwood is the first cycle of expansions for Lord of the Rings the Card Game and focuses the heroes hunt for the creature Gollum to prevent what he knows falling into the wrong hands

The Dwarrowdelf

A journey through the Misty Mountains is full of surprises when Middle-earth’s heroes get caught in heavy snowstorms and make a startling discovery… Orcs have begun massing in tremendous numbers! Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce Dwarrowdelf , the second series of Adventure Packs for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game . Utilizing the encounter sets from Khazad-dûm , Dwarrowdelf further develops the threats and adventures within the Misty Mountains with six new scenarios. Additionally, its Adventure Packs enrich your deck-building options with new heroes, allies, attachments, and events for all four spheres of influence. Discover an exciting new array of challenges when you travel across the Misty Mountains and head into the darker places of Dwarrowdelf .

The Ring Maker

The Ring Maker Cycle is the fourth cycle of expansion packs for Lord of the Rings The Card Game, set in Rohan and the surrounding areas as the heroes fulfil a quest for their questionable patron, Saruman.
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