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Return of the Sinister Six

Perhaps it required someone with an intellect as towering as Doctor Otto Octavius to conclude that heroes are much stronger and more effective working as a group, and villains should therefore adopt the same tactics. Naturally, villains are mistrustful of each other, and therein lies the problem. But with someone like Doc Ock in charge, and by executing successful plan after plan, even the most misanthropic villain can see the advantages of teamwork.

Enter: The Sinister Six! Doctor Octopus has called together the most dangerous villains of New York City, united by their hatred of Spider-Man. Between Electro’s raw power, Sandman’s incredible strength, Vulture’s tech savvy, Kraven’s savage cunning, and Mysterio’s mind-bending illusions, Doctor Octopus has the makings of an Avengers-level threat! With the Six working together, even Earth’s mightiest heroes will fall before their collective villainy!

Bringing the Six to justice will require coordination, planning, quick thinking, and teamwork the likes of which the evil Six can only dream of. Let us show the Sinister Six that even villains working in concert are no match for heroes that stand united!

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