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Uniting the Marvel Universe

Hey chaps. It's been a bit quiet around here lately, it's not because I'm not painting, but because I'm still painting the same thing, Marvel United. When last I checked in I'd just finished the core set and last night I finished putting the finishing touches to the last of the expansions. I've still got 25 of the Kickstarter Extras to go though. As always you can see more in the gallery, let's get to the pictures.

First up we have the Guardians of the Galaxy Remix.

If I'm picking favourites, it's got to be Star Lord, in particular I love his shirt and jacket. Least favourite, to paint at least, would be Rocket, his small features and heavy mould lines made him rather annoying, but he still turned out good in the end.

Next we have Tales of Asgard

For this one I think I have to pick Thor, his colours are so bright and the highlights so clean. Most annoying was Loki, but only because of a spray paint mishap that meant he had to spend the night soaking in dettol and being scrubbed with an old toothbrush.

After that we head to Wakanda in Rise of the Black Panther.

Killmonger is easily my favourite of this set, with Winter Soldier behind that, Killmonger didn't really come together for me until I finished the mask, but when I did I was very pleased. Panther himself was the trickiest of the batch, not least because painting black is hard, but also because some of the details in the cast are just not as crisp as I would like.

Time for some villains in the Infinity Gauntlet.

So hard to choose amongst this lot, although I would probably have to go for Thanos, with Black Dwarf a close second. Least favourite would be Ebony Maw, the transitions on his face are just not as smooth as I would like, but I'm honestly chuffed with with all of them.

More villains incoming, this time its the Rise of the Sinister Six.

So many good ones here, but also so many annoying ones! Favourites, probably Vulture or Mysterio but I like them all. Most annoying has to be Doctor Octopus, he's incredibly difficult to get at all the areas because of the tentacles and he's also very squashed to fit on to that 30m base...

Lastly, hot off the painting bench last night we have Enter the Spiderverse.

For this one Miles might be my favourite, he was also the quickest Marvel coming in at just under 2 hours. Gobbo was easily the hardest. I had to cut him off the glider to be able to paint him at all, although with Spiderman I had to sculpt him new fingers because they were missing!

One more month to go, I'm still chugging along and I'm so happy with how these are turning out. I'm actually not looking forward to going back to painting 28mm because there is so much room for character and expression on these chibis that I'll struggle to replicate that at a smaller scale!

Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke

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1 Comment

Johanes Yamakawa
Johanes Yamakawa
Jun 25, 2021

I love these minis and your painting is awesome. I aspire to paint as well as this.

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