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Rise of the Black Panther

Long ago, a meteor made of Vibranium, one of the most precious metals known to mankind, fell in Wakanda. With this treasure trove of resources, Wakanda soon became a technological marvel, being far in advance of the rest of the world. However, the country kept its resources and knowledge secret. But there are those within the country that want to move into new directions. Whose vision will win?

The Rise of the Black Panther expansion for Marvel United takes players to the country of Wakanda, where the use of the country’s vast resources is under contention. Players will have access to three new heroes: the Black Panther, the Winter Soldier, and Shuri. They’ll be facing off against Killmonger and his nefarious schemes to take over. The set also includes new Locations for players to fight at and the Endangered Locations Challenge, where players must try and keep the local flora and fauna safe during this time of war.

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