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The Infinity Gauntlet

From the darkest reaches of the galaxy, Thanos has begun his dark crusade to bring balance to the universe. The Mad Titan’s plan: eliminate half of all life so that the rest may prosper. It’s absolutely insane, and were Thanos confined to his single armada, inexorable though it may be, his plan would be impossible to enact on a universal scale.

But Thanos has learned of the Infinity Stones, six gemstones that predate the universe, each controlling an aspect of existence. Whoever can gather and harness the stones will possess literally unlimited control over the universe and everything in it. With the snap of his fingers, Thanos can bring his horrific solution to pass. Thanos has sent the Black Order out across the stars to gather the stones while he forges the Infinity Gauntlet, a weapon strong enough to harness their power.

Yet the Children of Thanos will not find their task simple. Every hero across the universe stands opposed to this most vile of master plans. They must prevent Thanos from gaining the stones, then take the fight to the Mad Titan himself. It’s the battle of your lives with the fate of the universe at stake!

The Infinity Gauntlet adds an epic game mode to Marvel United by introducing Thanos’ campaign to gather all Infinity Stones, and the Heroes’ struggle to keep him from fully assembling his unstoppable Infinity Gauntlet

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