The Caravans of Catan

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Continuing with my series of reviews on Catan: Traders and Barbarians, we’ve finally arrived at the red-headed step child of the bunch… Well, that’s probably a bit harsh, but Caravans is probably the least innovative scenario in the book, despite adding wooden camels to the game, it changes the base game so little that I’d rather just play Settlers… probably…

The Fluff

Still reading? Good, haven’t scared everyone away yet then. The Fluff in the rulebook reads:

“Nomads have settled at the oasis. They are in dire need of wool and grain, and they offer commodities of the desert in exchange. Since the settlers of Catan can always spare some sheep and grain, the nomads are sending out camels to transport those coveted resources”

It sounds like quite a cool theme, but it really doesn’t come across. Lets take a look at what comes in the box….


  • 1 Oasis Hex

  • 22 Wooden Camels

The Caravans

The wooden camels are nice enough, why they are gold is a mystery, but who cares. The Oasis hex replaces the Desert Hex in the core game and other than a slightly bigger oasis, the only special thing about this hex are the three arrows which indicate where Caravans may be begin.

Playing the Scenario