The 100 Club: The Lord of the Rings LCG

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Hey guys, it’s time for a new series of reviews I’m calling the 100 Club. The prerequisite for these reviews is I have to have played the game 100 times and the only game that currently qualifies is The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game. First of all, let’s take a look at what I originally wrote about this game not long after it’s release in 2011

"I’ve been pretty negative about this game but it does have some good solid mechanics and it does feel like an epic adventure at times and I love the production quality and the art work. However I feel that the base set is too restrictive in card choices to complete the included quests. I also feel that there simply isn’t enough replayability in the base set because there are only 3 included quests. In a CCG this wouldn’t be a problem, but in an LCG I feel like the base set should be all you need to buy to play casually.

The RRP for LOTR LCG is £30, when compared to a deck building card game like Thunderstone or Dominion (£35) the replayability of the game is simply nowhere near as strong. In fact, for the same money Warhammer Invasion has tons more replayability out of the box.

Overall LOTR LCG feels incomplete, that you will need expansions in order to keep the game interesting and while I realise that is the point I’m not sure it should be counted as a positive in the game's favour.

All of this said, I will be buying the first six expansions and reviewing them and discussing how they change the game and if they make the game more like the game I want it to be."