Game Night Reviews: Fauna

Updated: Jun 14

And we’re back with another Game Night Review. If you recall from last time our current focus is games with an educational bent. Friedemann Friese is probably best known as the inventor of Power Grid, a somewhat dry, medium weight euro game about powering germany. It’s great, but it doesn’t scream “Fun”. So when someone recommend I try one of his other titles I was a little hesitant.


Fauna has nothing in common with Power Grid. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s colourful and in essence it’s a party game, you know, wine and cocktails party rather than tequila shots out of a naval party. In a short span of time Fauna has spawned a series of titles including Terra and America with others sure to follow. Each game uses the same basic mechanics but allows you to tailor your experience to the theme most suited to you and your players.

A Quick Overview

Fauna is played over six rounds, each round a card is drawn that depicts an animal, the rest of the card is hidden below the holder. Players take turns betting on various statistics, such as height, weight and tail length or where on the map the creature lives. Each player has up to six cubes with which to bet, depending on how well they did in previous rounds.

After everyone has passed or run out of cubes the scores are tallied. On the statistics players score 7 points for a correct answer and 3 points for an adjacent answer. On the map the scoring system is the same but the points vary based on how many locations the creature can be found in.

If a player’s bet was correct they get their cube back, if it was wrong the cube is lost. Then each player receives one cube from the lost pile in their colour, if at that point they still have less than 3 cubes they take cubes until they have 3.