LOTR LCG: To Catch an Orc

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

This week we continue our journey through The Voice of Isengard as Saruman the White tasks us with hunting down and capturing an orc... However, there is something about that old wizard I just don't trust.

To Catch an Orc

Saruman has tasked you with a dangerous mission: journey up the Misty Mountains southern peak in search of the Orc, Mugash, and capture him alive.

Mugash and his Orcs have been raiding the surrounding countryside from their hidden lair in Methedras, and carrying loot and captives back into the mountains. It's time to put an end to this menace…

Orders from Orthanc

Orders from Orthanc, LOTR LCG

This stage is simply a set up card. It instructs you to create a separate 20 card deck for each player from their player deck and shuffle either Mugash or one of his guards into each deck. This is their search deck. The objective of the game is to capture Mugash.

The quest then puts into play 2 mountain locations, none of which are particularly favourable. Methedras boosts the threat of other locations while it’s active, while Orc Cave adds more enemies to the staging area.