Game Night Reviews: Citadels

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Citadels, FFG

The King looked out across the green and verdant land. It was filled with peace and tranquility. The Merchant was trading goods in the market, the Architect was quietly thinking on new designs in the library and the Bishop was tending the poor houses. Wait… Where is the Assassin?! The King’s realisation came to late…

That’s right, the Game Night Guys are playing Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels. When I began games night I had six players and one of my first thoughts for games that would work was Citadels. Citadels holds an enormous amount of nostalgia for me, being one of the first games I bought when I first started getting back into board gaming. Does that mean it was a great choice though?

A Quick Overview

Citadels is a role selection game. Players will choose from a selection of 8 roles, but not all roles will be available every round. Once each player has chosen a role the King calls each role out in order. If a player has that role they announce it and take 2 actions.

The roles are:

  1. The Assassin - Choose a role that role does not activate

  2. The Thief - Choose a role, steal all the gold from that role when they take their turn

  3. The