Day 5 - Zooloretto Boss (2019)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

#Zooloretto has been a firm family favourite in our house for close to a decade and I wanted to breathe more life into by trying out some of the expansions. Last month we played XXL for the first time, which adds a few new choices but nothing that massively changes the game. Tonight though we added in the Boss which ports over one of the uniquely different parts of Zooloretto’s big brother, #Aquaretto, the Co-Workers.

Co-Workers are bought from a new market area for 2 coins or 2 donation tokens (a new currency type add in the Boss to prevent hyperinflation). Once bought they can be used to increase points scored during the game or to earn you more donation tokens. Later in the game they can be moved to other areas to help you score more end game points for stalls or for animals purchased from the market board.

The market board is a new area with a variety of items available for sale, including co-workers, female animals and stalls. Instead of taking an animal and placing it on a truck you can now use a money action to purchase any of these tiles and place them directly into your zoo. With Boss and XXL combined you now have a lot of control over your zoo and the game gives you a lot of meaningful decisions to make. With base zooloretto you were largely deciding between taking a truck or drawing a tile, occasionally taking a money action.

However with XXL and Boss you may donate your animals for points and buy new animals or co-workers from the market. Taking money actions to move or exchange animals between your enclosures is an increasing more common action as you jostle to score more points, coins or donation tokens, which in turn grab you more co-workers or help you score a breeding pair or a missing stall.