Game Night Reviews: Incan Gold

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The carved stone door gave way to a vast stone hallway, littered with gems and jewels. Greedily my friends and I pushed on, arms ladened with precious stones. Suddenly our torches glinted upon some black onyx, embedded in the wall… Upon closer inspection, the onyx had eight legs and skittered about on sinewy white webs...oh my…

That was enough for one of our party, we lost another when we encountered the giant snake and another turned back when part of the tunnel roof gave way. But not me, I pushed on past the fire and the creepy doll, seeking that rarest of treasures, the Incan Gold.

A Quick Overview

Incan Gold is a very straightforward game. Each round players decided to either continue their adventure, pushing further into the ancient temple or to return to camp with their lives and booty intact.

After each player reveals a card showing if they will stay or go a new adventure card is revealed from the deck and resolved. If the card shows gemstones they are evenly divided up between the players that chose to stay. If it shows a hazard all is fine unless a second hazard of the same type is already visible in the temple.