Updated: Jun 14

In Pandemic you are a member of the CDC sent out to battle disease wherever it may lie. What are those diseases called you ask? Why… Red, Blue, Yellow and Black of course. And how do those diseases manifest you might ask, why as Cubes of course.


The truth is while the game claims to be about fighting disease, it’s really not, it’s an abstract maths puzzle. In a lecture given by Matt Leacock, he describes the method he used to create the game and it is really mathy, that’s not a bad thing, but if you buy this game expecting it to feel like you are fighting off killer diseases, you’ll probably be disappointed.


  • 5 pawns

  • 6 research stations

  • 1 board

  • 6 counters

  • 96 cubes in 5 colours

  • 116 cards

  • Rulebook

Pandemic is reasonably cheap to pick up these days, it’ll set you back less than Setters but more than Carcassonne. The cards in the game are linen finished (if you bought the game from the second print run onwards) and they are pretty nice. I particularly like the facts and figures on the cards such as population, the population density and the Flag of the country the city is in. The cards are also reversible like playing cards and have a symbol as well as a colour to help make the game colour-blind-friendly.