Colossal Arena

Updated: Jul 9

Colossal Arena is set in a fantasy world where eight terrifying creatures are released into an amphitheatre, while players bet on them as they battle to the death. The crowd will roar and shout and sometimes even leap into the ring to help out a loser or cripple the winner. Well, not really, because Colossal Arena is really only about the numbers 0-10. The monsters are little more than suits and the spectators are wild cards.


In the box you’ll find:

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 12 Monster Cards

  • 12 Monster Decks with the cards 0-10 in each

  • 11 Spectator Cards

  • 2 Prefect Cards

  • 1 Magistrate Card

  • 10 Reference Cards (2 in each colour)

  • 25 Chips (5 in each colour)

The components are reasonably nice. I don’t have the most recent version but in the copy I have everything does what it needs to. I think the chips are a little dull, I would have preferred coins or something instead, especially as they are supposed be equal to gold at the end of the game. The art on the cards is pretty nice and not too scary or anything, my major complaint about the cards would be that they are too thick. They are so well made that shuffling them can be difficult to do easily.