Updated: Sep 19, 2019


You are Indiana Jones (although you may look like a skittle style pawn) racing through the jungles of Cambodia towards the sacred Bakong temple in search of emeralds. To make it through you’ll need to have the right equipment and plenty of space in your pack to haul the loot out. Race through jungles, into caves, over quicksand, across rivers, down waterfalls and up cliffs, and triumph as the best treasure hunter of all.


I’ll be honest here, the cover of the box is what sold this game to me. I read a pretty mediocre review of the game, but still in the back of my mind a little voice was saying “But look at the pretty picture.”

And it’s a similar story inside the box too:

  • 24 Jungle Tiles

  • 1 Starting Camp Tile

  • 1 Temple Tile

  • 6 Rucksacks in 6 Colours

  • 6 Pawns

  • 2 Six Sided Dice

  • 20 3 Emerald Tiles

  • 20 1 Emerald Tiles

  • 6 Large Emeralds