Barbarian Attack!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The Fluff

Catan’s wealth doesn’t go unnoticed. Fearsome barbarians, eager for booty, are landing on the coasts of Catan, spreading fear and terror. The fun is over—the peaceful times are history! One never knows where the barbarians will strike. There are only a few initial raiders, but their numbers increase rapidly. At first they only ruin resource production. But as their strength grows, they threaten to besiege settlements and cities—with devastating consequences. But Catanians stand by each other. They respond by training Knights to send into battle—but will they be strong enough?


This scenario uses:

  • 1 Castle Hex

  • 30 Wooden Barbarians

  • 24 Wooden Knights (6 for each player)

  • 1 deck of 26 Barbarian Attack Cards

  • 40 Gold Coins

  • Everything from the base game minus 1 Wood Hex, the Robber, Development Cards and the Largest Army Card

The pieces for this part of the expansion are all pretty nice, although why the Barbarian’s are a sparkly gold colour I don’t know!

Setting Up

The island is set up in a very specific way for this scenario, it can be varied a little but not much and it doesn’t combine well with Seafarers. That however, in my opinion, doesn’t mean that it will get stale.