Updated: Jul 11

Chrononauts is a small box card game from Looney Labs, famous for their Ice House Pyramids and Fluxx games, neither of which I could tell you anything about.

In Chrononauts you play as a time traveller from an alternate reality. You are on a mission to “rescue” three specific objects from time but in the process you have become lost in an alternate timeline. To win you must either complete your original mission, alter the timeline sufficiently to allow you to return home or gather enough power and influence over the time space continuum that you become the ultimate timelord, able to bend time to suit your every whim.

Of course, as stands to reason, the game is not as exciting and dramatic as that, but it is fast and fun, let's take a look in the box.


So, in the box you’ll find:

  • 32 Timeline Cards

  • 14 ID Cards

  • 10 Mission Cards

  • 84 Chrononauts Cards

It’s a card game then. The content and layout of the cards is excellent, all the cards are colour coded by background which makes referencing them easier. The art work, which is not extensive, is very fun and cartoony. The colour coding and iconography on the Timeline cards makes the game very simple, but the cards aren’t particularly pretty.