Traders & Barbarians

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The barbarians have been driven off, and peace is returning. The destruction the barbarians left in their wake is being repaired as fast as possible. The castle where the Council of Catan holds session suffered particularly severe damage, but the restoration efforts are making real progress.

Now, the craftsmen need to finish the stained glass windows and the new marble statues. Marble must be transported from the quarry, sand must be brought to the glassworks, glass must be delivered to the Castle, and tools are needed as well.

The roads of Catan are bustling with traffic. Of course you are involved; the Council pays for transport in solid gold. Only some scattered barbarians are getting in the way—they’re waiting. For you!

I like the way the scenario links to the one before, although there is no “campaign” method of playing. This scenario basically turns Catan into a pickup and deliver game. You must build up a network of roads to transport goods across the island. Like the previous scenario, the absence of the robber makes the scenario a little less cutthroat (more fun) than vanilla Settlers. Lets take a look at the components.


The components for this scenario include:

  • 2 Sea Frame Pieces

  • 3 Terrain Hexes

  • 36 Commodity Tiles

  • 4 Wagons

  • 40 Gold Coins

  • 3 Barbarians