Wits & Wagers

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

In Wits and Wagers you play a guest at party which involves trivia games. However, rather than playing a bored, know-nothing pleb you get to take on the role of a high stakes poker player, using your keen senses to accurately determine the correct answers to unanswerable questions all the while accruing a stack of poker chips higher than your house!

Wits & Wagers


So what’s in the box?

  • 100 Question Cards each with 7 questions

  • 1 Betting Mat

  • 60 Red Chips

  • 20 Blue Chips

  • 14 Player Chips

  • 7 Dry Wipe Pens

  • 7 Dry Wipe Boards

  • 1 Sand Timer

The UK price point for Wits and Wagers is quite high compared to the US, in fact I paid £22 and a quick BGG scan shows that you can pick it up in the US for $20 so that’s quite a mark up. For me, I felt the components could have been better for the price. I’ve heard people talk about the original mat for this game, which was rubber backed, as opposed to the folded felt that comes in the second edition, I think I would have preferred that. Also, if you want the game to look and feel nice you’re probabl