Updated: Jun 14

Valdora came out in 2009 and there was quite a buzz about this new Michael Schacht title, now however the game seems to have faded quietly into the night, with only the barest of mentions.

Is there a good reason for why Valdora has seemingly vanished from our gaming tables? Who knows, let’s look at the game…


In Valdora you play a wandering adventurer who is seeking fame and fortune. Your task is to head out of the cities into the wilderness and bring back valuable gemstones for wealthy patrons. Luckily the roads are well policed so you have nothing to fear from brigands or wayward wolf packs, in fact the only real danger you face is not being able to carry enough gemstones. Luckily the cities are brimming with tools to help you, while the various silver mines in the valley have a “help yourself” policy.

If you deliver a gemstone to your patron you will be rewarded with a new worker, earn enough new workers and you can set up a jewelry business and then you can really rake in the cash.


Valdora is really pretty, as most of Michael Schacht’s games are.and it comes with some really nice pieces.