Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

This review is for Descent 1st Edition, if you wish to see a review for Descent 2nd Edition click here. Interestingly enough I find both games offer vastly different play experiences and still own both.


You are a hero, or possibly an antihero, glory seeker or treasure hunter. Regardless, you have chosen your path and it leads into darkness. You will venture into the darkest depths, battle the foulest creatures, steal the most valuable treasures and… well… die… a lot!


This is a huge box… sorry A HUGE BOX, and it’s a pretty beautiful box, sturdy, great art, linen finish, but no usable insert to be found! I know this is FFG and not Days of Wonder, but there are so many components in this box that need to be tracked during the game, it wouldn’t have been too much to ask for some kind of organisation in the box!

Regardless, lets see what you get inside:

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Quest Guide

  • 20 Hero Sheets

  • 80 Plastic Figures