Existenz: On The Ruins of Chaos

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

I don’t often write negative reviews and when I do I try and write constructive reviews, rather than outright hate. Often if I can’t find nice things to say I wont say anything at all, that was certainly the case when I played this games predecessor X610Z.

The guys over at Quantuum Magic very kindly sent me a starter set plus 20 booster packs for the game and extra playing pieces. This should have been enough for me to at least try the game and enjoy it. X610Z is a creature summoning card game, with a board that is intended to focus the action and cause you to think more strategically.

My friend and I tried the game with the starter decks but with only 3 “Summons” per deck we were basically moving our “life bases” (the sort of King piece) one space a turn. The game was quickly abandoned after that and I opened the rest of the boosters to try and find more summons to make the game more exciting. However, after opening all 20 boosters I had found no further summons that did not replicate ones already found inside the starter decks. The problem here was that you can only have one type of Summons in play. While on the surface this could look strategic, it is actually just a further limitation on a game which suffers greatly from other limitations. After this the game was quickly abandoned and I decided not to review it as anything I might say would not help these guys who were genuinely very nice people.

Then I was sent a copy of On the Ruins of Chaos.

On the Ruins of Chaos fixes a few things. Firstly it provides you with four sta