Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Eruption is a family orientated tile laying game, featuring constructive thinking, adaptive decision making and direct conflict. In Eruption you control a village that is under threat of destruction by a volcano. On your turn you will attempt to direct the flow of lava away from your village and towards your opponents. Skillful play will reward you with both cards and resources.

Eruption features several mechanics that ensure all players will remain fully in the game. Losing players are given bonuses as the adrenaline drives their villagers to work harder. In addition as one player enters a new danger zone, he gets to start a new eruption location that heats up everyone else's villages to bring them more into line with the loser.

As well as directing lava in the game you can also build walls to help stem the flow and protect your village. You also have the option of playing cards to build walls, change the lava flow or simply cool your village down.

When the first village burns the game is over all the players have one final turn, the player with the lowest Heat score is the winner.


  • It’s Fast and Fun

  • It Looks Beautiful

  • Multipurpose Cards give you lots of options on your turn

  • It’s simple yet there is enough depth to keep adults entertained

  • The Rulebook offers three alternate play methods including teams, last man standing and a variant which allows you to choose your lava tile from 3 face up stacks.