Weekend Warrior: Exploring Everdell

Last year a cute little worker placement game called #Everdell appeared and I was enchanted by its table presence and immediately began to seek out reviews and other information. I quickly learned that an expansion was in the works and it would be coming to Kickstarter shortly. I decided to wait and see and soon enough it landed but the cost to the UK was pretty prohibitive, however while I waited all the UK stock had been sold and I was left with nothing.

Everdell, Starling Games

Fast forward almost a year and stock of Everdell finally hits our small shores and so I bite the bullet and pick up a copy. Here are my first impressions after half a dozen plays (mostly solo).

It is breathtakingly beautiful. The illustrations from the cards to the rulebook are incredible. The resources are brilliant, the wooden meeple shapes are top notch. That tree, what an incredible centrepiece and so damn impracticable, but man it looks good on the table. Everdell is a visual feast that does not disappoint.

Everdell, Ever Tree, Starling Games