Absolute Balderdash

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Absolute Balderdash

I’ve always professed that my gaming addiction started with a game of Settlers back in the late 2000’s, but, truth be told, we’ve always played board games, monopoly, trivial pursuit, scrabble and loads more. But most often we used to play party and trivia games. Of these games, my favourite, bar none, is Absolute Balderdash, I like it so much I’ve owned it three times and I still have two copies of the game.

I am lucky to be a highly intelligent person, blessed with a group of equally intelligent friends, all of whom are capable and quick witted. If you too are such a person then I urge you, go out and get this game.


Balderdash was originally a game that used obscure words, asking players to each submit a possible meaning for the word, all the definitions were then read aloud and the players had to choose which they thought was the real answer.

Absolute Balderdash expanded the original game to include Initials, Dates, Movies, Famous People and most recently Laws.


Depending on the edition of the game the components would vary, but typically: