Weekend Warrior: Ride to Ruin

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


So, this weekend Dave and I began the next deluxe expansion in the #LordoftheRingsLCG, The Voice of Isengard. We had decided beforehand that we wanted to run thematic decks, using the Rohan keyword to provide a synergy, not only amongst our own cards but across the table too.

My Deck

I was running a Blue-Green deck with Grima, Eowyn and Dunhere. The primary function of the deck was Support, packed with useful cards like Test of Will, Galadhrim’s Greeting and A Light in the Dark. It’s secondary function was to provide questing allies and heroes. For this I had Escort to Edoras and West Road Traveller plus We Do Not Sleep and Astonishing Speed. Finally the deck offered some much needed readying through Unexpected Courage and Steed of the Mark.

I was also experimenting with the Doomed Mechanic. Grima could lower the cost of the next card played by 1 allowing the card to gain Doomed 1 instead. While this seems like a negative effect we actually put it to good use, using the Orthanc Guards (who ready after Doomed triggers) and the Isengard Messenger (who raises his Will each time doom triggers). In addition we