LOTR LCG: Flight From Moria

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Balin’s colony ended in death and darkness. After paying their respects at his tomb, the heroes fought their way out of the Goblin infested Seventh Level and made their way down toward the gate. But exiting Moria will not be easy, for a shadowy form masses at the end of the hall, and fear and terror go before it. The heroes must escape Moria before it is too late.

A Presence in the Dark

A Presence in the Dark

Setup: Prepare the quest deck. Add The Nameless Fear to the staging area. Remove all copies of A Foe Beyond from the encounter deck. Then, shuffle 1 copy of A Foe Beyond per player back into the encounter deck.

When Revealed: Reveal 1 encounter card per player, and add it to the staging area. Then, add A Presence in the Dark to your victory display.

This card is basically a setup card designed to set the base threat of the Nameless Fear, so let’s talk about him.

The Namesless Fear