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Day 1 - Hey, That's My Fish!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Hey, That's My Fish!

I was not expecting our first game of the festive season to be Hey! That’s My Fish, however we ended up playing some simple games on Christmas Day with our non-gamer relatives.

Hey! That’s My Fish is a very simple game, you move your plastic penguins in a straight line and claim the tile you moved from. As players claim tiles the board shrinks and you must make your moves to grab the most fish and cut off your opponents.

Hey! That’s My Fish can be a mean game, a mean, mean game and when played with sibling rivalry things can get out of hand. However it was all taken in good sport and we had a fun time with it. Small box, nice, colourful components and a low price point make this a fun little filler that has a bit of a bite.

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