Day 2 - Star Wars Rebellion

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

With Star Wars back to stay the franchise is more alive now than it has ever been and if you haven’t seen Rian Johnson’s excellent 8th installment in the saga then I highly recommend it.

Star Wars Rebellion - Fantasy Flight Games

However, if what you’re craving is to revisit the original trilogy then you can, with #StarWarsRebellion. This was my big present and it is exactly that, a big box full of lots of toys. Me and my friend Dave who occasionally writes some articles for this blog broke out the game and after much punching out of tokens and reading of rules we sat down to conquer the galaxy for the next four hours.

This is not a ponderous slow moving war game, despite the myriad of tokens and plastic pieces festooned across the board. No this is an entirely different beast, one of resource management and action optimisation with some bluffing and command and control thrown in for good measure.

Each turn you can send out your leaders on missions, use them to move troops on the board or save them to counter missions played by your opponent. Understanding how best to deploy your leaders is key to winning the game. They are a l