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Day 12 - Mysterium: Secrets & Lies

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

#Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game using #dixit style artwork to give clues to a murder. It is also a game that needed an expansion. Now there are have been two! Secrets and Lies adds more variety to the base game, bringing with it 6 more People, Places and Objects as well as a new deck of vision cards.

Mysterium is a really fun game but with just the base game it gets a bit repetitive, we needed more variety and fortunately both Hidden Signs and Secrets and Lies provide that. Now, as the Ghost player, you won't see the same visions each time, making the experience a more interesting and well rounded one.

However, the visions are also now more diverse. If you needed a vision with water or fire or some other prevalent theme in the base game and you didn’t have it you could spend a raven and be pretty well assured you’d draw something useful. Now that’s not necessarily the case. The new vision cards are beautiful and weird but I do find myself now often hamstrung for a card to give.

So, Secrets and Lies makes the game harder, but it does give us that much craved variety. It also introduced the new Story cards. These replace the weapon/objects cards and instead show a small scene hinting at how the Ghost was murdered. I like this change. I usually found the weapons difficult to give clues for so the more narrative driven Story Cards offer plenty of elements to choose from to give your clues.

Overall Secrets and Lies is a beautiful package that adds a lot of replayability to Mysterium, just be aware that it increases the difficulty of the game overall.

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