Day 3 - Gizmos

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Gizmos, CMON

We’re big fans of Phil Walker-Harding here at Unboxed. I love his small box games, Phil always manages to pack a lot of design space into a simple and easy to teach ruleset. I haven’t played a game of his I didn’t like. I found Bärenpark underwhelming when I first played it but it’s still a solid design that I enjoy playing and it's growing on me. Sushi Go and Archaeology the Card Game are both still in rotation and Imhotep is a great area control game that I always forget I like.

So when I heard that Phil had a new game out this year I knew it was going on my Christmas list. When I heard it was coming out from CMON, I was a little more confused. My experience with CMON was of games like Zombicide, The Godfather and Blood Rage, big games with lots of minis. I knew they had produced some smaller card games but this match-up felt like a bad blind date.

But what is the game like? Gizmos follows Phil’s previous designs by giving you four simple actions you can take, File, Pick, Build or Research.

To File you pick a card from the central display and add it to your archive. You begin the game with one space in your archive but you can expand it by building gizmos.

To Pick you choose an energy ball from a large gumball contraption in the centre of the play area and add it to your pool. Again you’re limited to 5 energy balls but that can be expanded by building gizmos.