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Day 12 - Archaeology: The New Expedition

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Archaeology The New Expedition, Z-Man Games

So, we’re arrived at the last day of Christmas, but don’t despair we’ll still have new content coming in the new year. So today we’re taking a look at a reprint, of a new edition, of a small card game from Phil Walker-Harding (I told you we like him here). I reviewed Archaeology The Card Game many moons ago and to be honest I was probably a little hard on it. I certainly enjoy it more now that I seemed to back then.

Archaeology The New Expedition has its roots in Rummy. On your turn you draw a card and either add it to your hand or if it is an event play it immediately. Then players can buy cards from the market, a face up row of cards in centre of the table, use a map to explore the monument or sell cards from your hand to the museum. Selling cards allows players to create sets and score points. The more cards in a set the more points it is worth. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Archaeology the Card Game is a solid 20 minute filler and the new edition does not change that. What it does do is expand the player count to 5 which is perfect for me as I’ve been longing to introduce this to the Game Night Guys. The art has been refreshed, although I think I prefer the more colourful art even if the new edition is technically “better art”. However the main difference that The New Expedition introduces is the monument tiles.

The original game shipped with a single monument to explore, while The New Expedition gives you five more adding some small variety to the game that helps with repeated plays. With the addition of these tiles I can easily see Z-man putting out other mini expansions with new monuments to just inject a small tweak on gameplay, it’s really quite a clever addition.

Archaeology The New Expedition, Z-Man Games

The New Expedition rounds out its revision with updated point scores and a tent which enables you to avoid one sandstorm. All in all it’s an excellent update to a brilliant small box title and the even better news is it’s currently back in stock, grab a copy while you can.

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