Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Vektorace, Unboxed The Board Game Blog

The smell of grease is in the smoke ladened air and the roar of the crowd rises above the screech of the tires on the blacktop. Vektorace is a game for 2-4 players which uses movement templates to create a fast paced racing game without a board to limit your play. Create any track you want, race as one of 8 different racers, grab your upgrades, pick your gear and go.


Vektorace comes in an octagon shaped box and has components for 4 players, although the designers say it will play with up to 8 if you share tenplates. Inside you’ll find:

  • 20 Movement templates

  • 8 Corners

  • 8 Paper Cars

  • Tyre, Nitro, Lap and Position Tokens

  • 1 Rulebook

Before I begin I should mention that the game was originally published in Italy and has been distributed in the UK by Gen42 who kindly provided this review copy. The game ships with english rules but they are not always as clear as I would have liked.

Vektorace, Unboxed The Board Game Blog