Game Night Reviews: Thunder Alley

Updated: Jul 9

Thunder Alley, GMT Games, Unboxed

The golden rays of sunlight bounce off the blacktop and the melodic overture of the bird song is drowned out by the roar of a pushrod v8 engine. Tires squeal and smoke and the crowd cheers as forty muscle cars careen around the track like savage beasts chasing a gazelle.

Game Night is back y’all! And this week the boys have been playing Thunder Alley from GMT Games. Thunder Alley packs all the excitement of a hundred lap NASCAR race into a 1-2 hour board game experience.

A Quick Overview

Depending on the number of players each player is assigned a number of cars they will control for the race, this forms their team. Each round a player will play a card to activate one of their team cars. Players keep taking turns to activate a car until all cars on the field have been activated. At that point an event is drawn, players have the opportunity to pit and then everyone gets a new hand of cards and begins the next round.

Movement is the core of the game and Thunder Alley features 4 types of movement. Solo is simple, move just your car and nothing else the specified number of spaces. Draft movement links your car to all the cars in front and behind and you move as a column. Pursuit movement links you just to the cars in front and Lead movement to the cars behind.