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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Hey guys, long time no speak. Welcome to our new home here on Unboxed. Today we'll be building some custom dungeon bases for Descent. For this we're using MDF bases from Sarissa Precision, these bases are 3mm thick and hold up well to both the baking process as well paint and glue. For the sculpting putty we're using Super Sculpey. Finally we're using the excellent rollers from Green Stuff World to add the detail.

I was very apprehensive about making these, so much so that I nearly didn't order the materials but having now made three batches I have to say I was worrying over nothing.

First you need to knead the putty until it's soft, which doesn't take long at all. It has a similar consistency to plasticine. Apply the putty to the bases where you want it and flatten it out with a rolling pin.

Once you're happy take the textured roller and roll it across the bases slowly to apply the texture. Because I applied a very thin layer of putty I found that sometimes the putty was too sticky and peeled back up off the bases but the application of a little flour to the roller solved the problem. I believe you can also use water or sculptors vaseline.

Pop the finished bases on a baking tray and into the oven for 15 mins on 130 degrees.

Allow the bases to cool before painting. Here I've undercoated them with a layer of Ironhull Grey (P3 Paints)

They are then drybrushed with successive layers with more and more white until they looked like this.

Allowing the these to dry I then applied a two part wash. I mixed Army Painter Dark Tone with GW Lahmian Medium and washed the bases, adding in pure Dark Tone to darken certain areas.

Once the washes were dry it was time for the finishing touches. I added a layer of GF9 dirt and highlighted using GF9 static grass. And then I took a really blurry picture.

Now my bases are ready for their models...

Fast, simple and really effective.

These bases use the cobblestone roller but Green Stuff World makes lots of different ones...

Here's some using the Flagstone roller instead.

The idea of baking the bases, especially on MDF made me really nervous but the process is painless and endlessly repeatable, meaning I won't suddenly be unable to find bases that match 5 years down the line. I'm definitely thinking about trying out some other flavours of rollers in the future.

Until next time... have fun painting...

The Duke


The Duke has been painting since he was 11 years old, back then his favourite colour was Humbrol Metallic Green!

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