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August Painting Update

How did I end up 8 months behind on my painting updates? Well it all began when I jacked in my job and went freelance...Then took a new job, which I then left after 3 days to take an even better job, which has been an all consuming time suck, even if it has been a rewarding one...

All of this turmoil has meant that painting and blogging have had to take a backseat to working and travelling. Right, let's get into this backlog! Starting with August!

ISS Vanguard (7)

We're still plugging away at ISS Vanguard. Here we have a couple of new enemy types, neither of which we've actually faced in our campaign so far. And a new piece of equipment, the Pod Launcher, which is actually pretty useful for escaping inhospitable environments.

Batman (10)

Our journey through the animated series draws close to it's end. This month we added Ra's and his secret society of assassins. His daughter, Talia also joined the ranks of villains, alongside Livewire and the Duplicant. Meanwhile the heroes unlocked an older version of Dick Grayson in his Nightwing persona.

Marvel United (12)

Much of this month was consumed with Marvel United and, as always, I love the end look of these minis. The larger scale and the design just suits my painting style so well. Picking favourites is almost impossible but Onslaught came together particularly well I think.


As well as minis I turned my attention to finishing some terrain for Massive Darkness (and other dungeon crawls.) The anvils and fountains, which I adore the falling water effect on, are official Massive Darkness terrain. While the other bits come from Zealot Miniatures.

Other (6)

Lastly we have the dog companions for Zombicide. These are actually from Crooked Dice studios but they make great proxy standins for the real thing.


So, last month we revised my painting goals down, so how am I getting on? Well, I managed 35 minis this month not including terrain, of course, not all of them are on the list of things I'm supposed to be painting...

  • 200 Minis - 140

  • Finish ISS Vanguard (36) - 24

  • Finish Batman (16) - 10

  • Finish Hellscape for 4 Players (10) - Not Started

  • Paint Descent Heroes (14) - 3

  • Zombicide Daily Spawn (30) - 12

  • Paint Familiar Tales (26) - Not Started

  • Marvel United Expansions (10) - 9

Total - 140

Unfortunately this will be pretty much the last month I make good progress on any of my goals... Spoiler alert I guess! I'll post a rest of the year update soon. Hopefully I can find a new place to live closer to work and get myself back to the painting table.

Speak soon and until then, have fun painting...

The Duke

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