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Painting Descent 2.0

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Hey y'all, The Duke here. As some of you who are following the Facebook page will know I recently started painting my Descent 2nd Edition minis. Initially when I bought the game I only painted the Merriods, which were the one mini I didn't have a proxy for already in my collection. Last year I painted a handful of the heroes (3 to be precise) to use with Road to Legend when the app came out, but that was largely it. So for the most part the game has sat unpainted since 2012 and I thought it was about time I changed that.

The Heroes

The Monsters

Shadow Dragons


Flesh Moulders




Cave Spiders



And there you have it, I still have a handful of the Lieutenant miniatures to paint before I can really call it done but I'll post those in a future update. The set was painted in a little over a month. As with most board game projects I set myself a time limit of no more than 2 hours per model. This keeps me on track to finish in a timely manner, rather than having a project drag out so long that I get distracted and never finish.

Some of the minis took less, with some batch painted across a single evening, while the heroes were largely painted at a pace of one a night, generally requiring more attention and detailing. All the monsters have been rebased on MDF bases as seen in my last post, with a magnet countersunk into them to work with my newly constructed carry cases.

And also so I can do this...

I have also worked hard to update the mobile version of the site which should now display reasonably well, even if it takes a bit too long to load at times. You can access the blogs and many of the gallery pages via the menu button which should always appear at the top of the screen.

Anyway, that's about it from me for another week. If you like what you see here don't forget to comment down below and if you want more regular updates subscribe to the facebook feed. Until next time, keep on painting...

The Duke


The Duke played Warhammer Sixth Edition for 6 years with his undead army. In that time he never won a game... not once!

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