Weekend Warrior: On The Road To Legend

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This weekend my long suffering gaming buddy and I decided to go dungeon delving. I’ve owned Descent 2nd Edition since release but have always found it tricky to get to the table, or at least to get a campaign to completion. The problem always seemed to be that as the campaign progressed the victors were awarded with additional power while the loser stayed roughly the same. This asymmetrical progression is not uncommon in campaign games but once the writing is on the wall it becomes harder to get a group enthused about playing again.

Descent 2.0 Grisban

Enter Road to Legend. Here we have a fully co-op Descent experience, all of us human players against the machine. So Dave and I broke out our heroes and took the game for a spin.

Descent Road to Legend

Road to Legend is an app driven experience. Each campaign starts and ends with preset missions, with the other games being drawn from a pool of random side missions based on the expansions and additional content you own for the game, meaning each time you play the game will offer different choices. We decided to play the Rise of all Goblins campaign, which is a short tutorial style campaign played over 6 “weeks”.

Weeks are an in game term for rounds. Each week you can undertake a mission, go shopping, rest or train. Undertaking missions will increase your gold reserves and increase your fame, which will affect what items appear in the shop. The more famous you become the better your selection of items.