Asset Drop Review - September

Loot Crates have always intrigued me, I've been tempted by all kinds from board games to miniatures but in the end I've always passed because the random nature of a loot crate means you might not always get stuff you want.

However in September, as Lockdown ended and I was finally able to return to work I decided to take a punt on Asset Drop. Asset Drop is a painters loot crate, each month you get a small box with a selection of paints, tools and other bits and pieces. Along side that come two resin tiles to practice on and a painting guide to follow. I thought this would make a perfect lunch hour project, allowing me to hone my skills and try out some different manufacturers.

What's in the Box?

So, what comes in the box? In the Discovery Box for September we have 3 MP paints, a jar of VMS pigment, a bottle of VMS Oil Expert, a tube of Abteilung Starship Filth and 2 AK Interactive weathering pencils. The tiles themselves are from Microart meaning they are very good quality resin casts.

Each tile is a feature, one has a giant flag, the other is part of a starship wall. While I can see being able to base a miniature on the flag tile, the other seems less likely, although you could use it as a backdrop in a small diorama, I suppose. The purpose of the tiles however is to give you something on which to practice the techniques in the painting guide. Talking of the techniques let's take a look at what they were.