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Building Brownstones

This week I've been working on a little something from our friends over at Antenociti's Workshop. Jed is launching a new range of MDF buildings in their Utility range. The Utility range is supposed to be a no frills range of buildings, as opposed to their premium products which come prepainted. But I gotta say, the new Brownstone buildings Jed sent over feel pretty premium to me.

To begin with the buildings are fully detailed, just not prepainted, and perfectly scaled for 28mm. So they have brickwork and raised details like window sills and door frames. A comparable no-frills product would be the Tabula Rasa buildings from Knights of Dice which have no detailing at all.

In addition to that you also have other details, like working doors and hatches, internal floors and stairs as well ladders for roof access and fire escapes. The kits are also really solidly built, cut from 2mm MDF which makes them durable without the details being overly chunky.

Finally a sheet of grey board details is also included which gives you the option of covering the mdf joins, as well as adding some more relief detail.

Jed sent me three main kits, the typical brownstone as shown above, one with bay windows and a balcony and a shorter one with fancier roof section.

He also included an optional Balcony conversion, which could be used to add an additional floor or replace a standard roof as you can see here. The kit includes two different frontages as well so you can choose between undressed brick or a fancier stone look depending on which building you are upgrading.

Overall I was really impressed with the buildings, the kits go together with no hassle and I know they are still tweaking things to make them even better. These are still prototypes at this stage so no word on when they will hit the webstore or what the price will be however, if their other utility stuff is anything to go by, I'm guessing they will be very reasonable indeed.

I'm really looking forward to getting some paint on these in the next few weeks so keep checking back for progress. Oh and Antenocitis has a sale on right now so I have picked myself up a copy of the Utility version of the AZ Mart because I'm currently painting Zombicide 2nd Edition and what kind of zombie game wouldn't improved by adding a mall!

Until next time, have fun painting.

The Duke

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