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Stop the Bus!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Last month the wonderful Antenocitis Workshop contacted me saying they liked my stuff and wanted to send me a little something. That little something turned out to be the Kirkman High Apocalypse Battle Bus!

This kit is immense, very heavy and incredibly detailed. My version shipped fully assembled, however if it doesn't normally ship that way it is mostly a single piece with the gun, hatch and ram as separate parts.

This means the bus ships mostly battle ready and can be thrown on the table at a moments notice, but it also makes it slightly trickier to paint the smaller details like the stowage due to it's unwieldy size.

As you can see the bus is equipped with everything you might need in a post-apocalypse world from spades and axes to gas cans and searchlights, oh and that massive 50 cal.

From this picture you can see how it measures up against some of #AntenocitisWorkshop's other vehicles, it is huge, maybe even a bit too big.

But it makes a great centerpiece for any battlefield, maybe just for breaking up line of sight or as a cool objective. Below you can see the 2' x 2' set up I created for the above photos and the battlebus really dominates it.

Incidentally I didn't need to do any cleaning or sanding for this one, it was paintable right out of the box. I did need to repair the turret though which had snapped off in transit. Overall I'm really happy with how this turned out. I think the weathering on the metal work contrasts nicely with the vibrant yellow. I like the cool blood stain I added to the hood and semi-freehand "School Bus" legend.

This is a complex paint job, no mistake, that took many hours to complete but hopefully you'll agree it looks stunning on the tabletop.

Until next time, have fun painting,

The Duke


Always wash your hands when using weathering powders kids... otherwise you have to repaint all the yellow and that's no fun at all!

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Chris Bowler
Chris Bowler

@ian Thanks buddy. Glad you like the kit. I love Antenocitis stuff, lots of cool bits scattered all throughout my work from them. As for the Union Jack zombie that would be my homage to Geri Halliwell. The zombies only have two poses so to keep myself from getting bored I got creative with varying their costumes 😁


ian B
ian B

Just noticed the female zombie in the Union flag dress. Superb!


ian B
ian B

Great post Duke. Nice kit and a lovely paint job. I would use the bus for skirmish games, Zombicide and even 40k. Even better is the Black Prince tank on the AW site! 🥰 So many cool bases too. Might have to reschedule the hobby budget. 👍

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