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Calling Black Squad

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Phew, it's been a while since I posted here at the Keep, sorry about that, I'm going to try and post more often and share what I'm working on. This week I've been finishing off the models from Zombicide Invader: Black Ops. The expansion ships with a new Abomination, Sentry Gun and Bot, along with six new survivors who make up Black Squad.

Let's take a look at the bot and the gun first.

The meteor sentry gun was a fun paint. There are some lines that could be neater but overall I like it. There are some nice glowing lights embedded in the metal that give it a nice character. Game-wise I've yet to use this one, it can't throw out as many hits as the Falchion but it can eliminate an one actor in up to three zones, this means it could conceivably destroy three abominations if you can get them all to line up nicely.

With the Crawley Bot I went off script in terms of following the art. The original is all black to match in with the rest of black squad, however I thought that looked drab so I went with a nice copper feel. This paint job only took 30 minutes from base coat to finish which I think is pretty good. Obviously I employed a lot of washes and drybrushing.

The Abomination is the Juggernaut. Easily my favourite model in the set and actually a really quick and easy paint.

Lots of drybrushing and wet blending on this guy with contrast washes for his fur. Really happy with the end result, especially as he only took around an hour to complete.

Black Squad reporting in...

These guys definitely have a Gears of War/Warhammer 40k vibe to them, right down to their unit Chaplin. Firstly, black armour is a challenge, in the end I went with a light grey base, washed with contrast black and then highlighted the top edges of the armour with Underbelly Blue. And to be honest I'm happy with the look, there's a nice unit cohesion and the reds add a striking presence to the otherwise drab look.

So there we have it, pretty happy with everything and knocked it out in a reasonable timeframe. Here's everything together.

Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


The Duke is not a fan of Citadel Brushes, but he thinks everyone needs their Large Drybrush, that's awesome!

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2 Kommentare

Chris Bowler
Chris Bowler
21. Dez. 2019

Thanks man. I was dreading doing them but they turned out good in the end. Good luck with yours

Gefällt mir

ian B
ian B
21. Dez. 2019

I am going to do my Black Squad like this. Good crisp look and should be pretty quick. I might also use them as Black Legion proxies. 🤗

Gefällt mir
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