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Conquering Clan Kitsune

Just a quick update today to share some recent work on Ninja Division's Super Dungeon Explore. Sometimes as shiny new things come into the Blood Keep existing projects get pushed to one side and it can be hard to go back and finish an incomplete project, well that's what happened with the Clan Kitsune Warband. So with my painting pledges I promised to get them back to the table and get them finished.

Clan Kitsune

The Madoushi

The Chunin

The Kaiken

The Yajiri

The Kunoichi

The Oni

Tamamo no Mae

That's it for this week, you can check out more for Super Dungeon Explore over in the gallery. Next week I'll be starting a full "How To Paint" series for Aftermath from Plaid Hat Games covering all the sculpts in the base box. Until then, keep on painting...

The Duke

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