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Kicking Ass in Kagejima

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

This week I'm showcasing some chibis from Super Dungeon Explore that originally debuted in Ninja All Stars. I know I've been silent for far too long so let me catch you up on what's been on the painting table throughout the quarantine. As always you can keep up with my antics at the painting table weekdays on Facebook and Twitter.

I've been using my time in lockdown to finish up a couple of outstanding projects, including #zombicideinvader and #decent2ndedtion. But this week we're in the Japanese inspire land of Kagejima.

I started out by finishing off the Tanchyo Clan warband I had painted over a year previous. As the clan is split into two spawn points I wanted to give them distinct but complimentary colour schemes and ended up going with a leaf green and lilac scheme that I found very pleasant to paint.

And here you can see the two bands together, different enough to be distinguishable but not incompatible.

After that I launched into some female heroes and I remembered just how much I love painting chibis, you can bring out so much expression from their chubby little faces!

And I followed that up with 5 male heroes. At this point I check my spreadsheet and realized I was just 5 minis off completing my two hundredth Soda Pop mini and I knew I wanted to make it something special. So I added these blowpipe ninjas and their chunin from the Kitsune Clan, bringing me to 199.

And to close out the 200 we have Jorogumo, a spider demon, or yokai. This mini also functions as another dungeon boss for Super Dungeon. Pretty happy with how all these came out and can't wait to add some more ninjas to my clans.

Finally I also added some terrain to get a bit more of a japanese flair. These walls are from #AntenocitisWorkshop and come prepainted, although I added a little gold to mine for some extra sparkle.

Right that's about it from me this week but I'll be back next week with a look at some more minis, until then have fun painting.

The Duke


Since lockdown began the Duke has painted his 200th SDE mini, his 200th Zombicide Invader Mini, completed Decent 2nd Edition and is now shooting for his 100th Pulp City mini... That is a lot of minis!

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