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Day 1 - Pantone (2019)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Pantone Cryptozoic
Pantone The Game

After a day of good eats and general merriment it got to 11pm before we finally cracked open a new game. I knew it had to be something simple, so I chose a party game… #Pantone. This game takes #Pictionary but adds a pop culture spin and levels out the playing field in terms of skill. The rules are simple. Players are dealt 4 character cards and they keep 3. Each card features a famous fictional character or possibly real life person. Over the course of three rounds the players will make an image to represent their character and the other players will guess at who it is. If no one guesses it then the artist gives a clue and everyone guesses again. Points are awarded to the artist and the correct guesser based on the number of clues required.

In round one you can use as many cards as you like. In round two you can still use as many cards as you like but you can't duplicate colours. In round three you can only use 3 cards in total. Because you are limited to the colours available and the fact that the cards are square means that all players are at the same disadvantage. You can't be amazing at this which means everyone will be a little bit rubbish making it everyone against the game, which makes it fun. And because the images are so ridiculous you feel even more victorious if you get it right! The character cards are definitely skewed towards pop culture so if you don't know your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from your Sonic the Hedgehog this should probably be a hard pass. However if you enjoy comic books and video games and want to try your hand at some pixilated artwork then this may be up your street. When the game came out here it was not the cheapest and at full RRP I don't think I could recommend it but it's currently on clearance everywhere so if it sounds like your cup of tea then why not give it a whirl. I'm looking forward to trying this one out with a bigger group for sure! #GameNight Why not try your hand at guessing my creations below...

Round 1 - Clue: TV

Round 2 - Clue: TV

Round 3 - Clue: Film


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