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Day 10 - Rhino Hero Super Battle (2019)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Every now and then I go through a phase of really liking a mechanism or theme and I buy games that give me that same buzz. For 2018-2019 that was dexterity games.

I went from really just owning one, Toc Toc Woodman, to owning loads. Menara, Rhino Hero, Junk Art, Flick Em Up all crept into my collection from the end of last year and continued throughout this year. I have a fondness for most of them, but the one that I actually probably have had the most fun with is Rhino Hero Super Battle. This one looks incredible on the table. I like Rhino Hero, but Super Battle is a spectacle. The game we played this week ended with all the pieces in play for the first time ever. The game normally ends with the structure collapsing and whoever had their meeple the highest wins, actually getting all the cards in play is a rarity that we have only ever come close to in the past. Releasing that final card and not having the whole thing come collapsing back down was actually kind of euphoric, which not a feeling I normally associate with a kids game. And I have to say that while Rhino Hero is ostensibly marketed as a kids game, you can absolutely play it with adults and they will have just as much fun if not more than the kids. The game is easy to teach, choose a card and place the depicted number of tall or short wall on the structure before placing your card so that it bridges them. Then roll a die and move your meeple up that number of levels. If you move to a level with another meeple there is a quick roll off and the loser moves down. Whoever is highest at the end of the game wins.

Yep... That's me hiding behind the tower!

You can play this game with anyone who has a sense of fun, it’s bright and it’s colourful and it creates a spectacle that will draw a crowd. The box is a bit big though. Highly recommended for all kids and those who are still kids at heart.


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