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Day 12 - 7th Continent (2019)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

7th Continent What Goes Up Must Come Down

For the final day of our Christmas gaming coverage we return to the continent, the 7th Continent. This sprawling point and click style adventure game takes place over multiple sessions and we’ve really only just begun our adventure.

We started out by choosing a curse, unintentionally choosing one from the What Goes Up Must Come Down expansion, A Beacon in the Night. Our task is to repair a beacon we have found with the help of some visions and a torn up map. We started our adventure on a small archipelago at the southern end of the continent, an area I had accidentally visited before while wandering lost in search of the Voracious Goddess, in fact I’m sure if I look hard enough I could find my own decomposing remains.

Regardless, we searched the islands, gathered what supplies we could, even coming across the All Seeing Eye and now we’re heading north on a raft in search of the parts we need to repair the beacon. I don’t know if we’re heading in the right direction… also, there are penguins here, who knew?!

7th Continent has not seen as much play over the last year as I would have hoped. Partly it was due to being held in the painting queue backlog but also the time investment is not insignificant. We’ve been playing a little over two hours at this point and we’ve barely begun to piece together what we need to do. Still, it’s been fun visiting a new part of the continent and discovering new cards as well as some of the expansion content.

And, of course, it means I get to play with my fully painted set now!

That’s it from the 12 Games of Christmas for another year, The Duke will be back tomorrow with an update on the years painting and some resolutions for the new year and I’ll be back on Monday for Weekend Warrior. Until then, stay safe and happy gaming, one and all.


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