Day 2: Slide Quest

Christmas is a time for playing games with the family and Slide Quest definitely fits the profile. Slide Quest is a dexterity game where players work together to move a knight through an increasingly difficult series of challenges.

The board for the game rests on four levers which will be operated by the players and yes ideally you’re going to want four players, but it can also work with two or three. By tilting the levers the players can move the Knight around the board avoiding holes and obstacles, fighting guards and defeating the boss.

Each session is recommended to play out over 5 rounds or until you run out of lives. Every five levels presents a boss level making it the perfect stopping point but each game is so short you could absolutely do more.

The game is adorably cute, with fabulous artwork on the level boards as well as a variety of plastic props that slot into the board creating different layouts each time. It is also surprisingly cheap, you can pick this up for around £15-£20. The levels do increase with difficulty as you progress so younger children might struggle when they hit the later levels. The game also includes a hard mode with a save system where you can attempt to complete all 20 levels in a single run.